Good haul

Yes, you should definitely celebrate your birthday in New Orleans. 

Legacy Brass

At Vaso.
I'm usually too busy dancing to get any nice pics. Thanks, C.


Friday lunch at Galatoire's

It's hard to dine alone at Galatoire's on the day before your birthday.


Big Charity

Go see it. (Once it gets distribution.)


In the ladies' room:

"You white? You not white.

"You was rollin' on the dance floor."

Apparently I don't dance that bad.

No comment

A different type of selling feature

Southern charm

Me: Wow, sir, you look like a million bucks. 

Sir: Just a half million.



Is always fun, and the service is always amazing.

They more than doubled their size when they expanded in April, and it's a good thing they did. (Where else would all those public health conference attendees go?)


Saved me yesterday.

First, I tried to eat lunch at Butcher, but about half of the 13,000 attendees of the public health conference seemed to have the same idea. 

The other half went to Cochon. 

So against my better judgment, I decided to try lunch at Sobou. "Against my better judgement" because a) it is in the Quarter and b) it seems to be popular more for its creative cocktails than anything else.

That said, there is something to be said for 25 cent martinis.

The bartender was so unpleasant, though, that I left. And hopped on the Magazine bus, since it happened to happen along.

But it is hard to eat in this town on a Monday, and the lunch hour was drawing to a close.

Atchafalaya was the only restaurant open, and they were about to close, but the lovely barkeep promised me she'd find a way to get me fed.

And she did.

She recommended the crab cake with eggs hollandaise (with Crystal - spectacular). 

The DIY Bloody Mary bar was fun, too.


Somehow, Mondays at Vaso

Now involve line dancing.

I kind of like it.

Tonight also involves the 103 year anniversary of the Omega Psi Phi.