The error of my ways - Part I

Over the past two days, I have had occasion to reflect upon my tendency to write things off. 

The first occasion was yesterday. A glorious day, perhaps the sunniest and warmest of the trip. So in the afternoon, I revised my earlier decision not to climb the cupola at St. Pete's. 

You can see here how revising this decision was the right thing to do. 

And then there's this.
While it might not look like much, this bit is near the end of a 320-step climb (yes, pay the extra two euros to take the lift halfway). The climb itself is terrifying and exhausting. The stairs get narrower, the walls actually do start to close in on you - literally. As you near the top, they curve inwards, claustrophobically. I cannot believe that a thriller doesn't exist with a chase scene up the steps.

And is it me, or does that look eerily like a hangman's rope?

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Anonymous said...

No,no - not a hang mans no. That's the spaced knots for safety.Should you slip or fall, there's spaced knots to grab on to. Conversely, up could ( concievably ) pull yourself UP. ( as if you the person overboard on a ship. A tall ship.
It's a very cool knot.
'Nuff said.
Bravo on the climb!!!