Two non sequiturs

One Rome related, one not.

Why do Italians insist, and I mean strenuously insist, that you take your receipts, all of them, every time? Once I was in a restaurant and really didn't feel the need, and the owner thrust them at me, while explaining furiously... something. Any insights would be appreciated.

Edit: A second search has revealed that shop owners, and presumably restaurateurs, are subject to hefty fines if they don't give you a receipt. Thanks to The Naples Handbook - Forces canadiennes en europe.

Second edit: I want my new job to be writing city handbooks for the Canadian forces. I can't stop reading it!

I just finished a strictly mediocre mystery story that was (well, this was interesting) set in Quebec and dealt with corruption in the (get this) police department, the government, and (you know what's coming) the construction industry. It was, well, not even mediocre. Pretty terrible. A good airport read maybe. But the author used the word "staunch" incorrectly. About fifteen times (people kept getting themselves shot, don't you know). I thought I was going to murder her, and her copy editor. But I just started reading a lovely, lovely book (just started, but I am really enjoying it) and on page, say, 21, the author used the word "stanch." In the right way. I could have kissed him.

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Anonymous said...

1. When one a VAT of 20% or so, there is a temptation to cheat. No tape in the register=big $$$.
2. For all questions about govt. corruption, speak to my brother.
3. Thanx for the cupola pix!