Mexico is all about

Being in the right place at the right time. In Merida my timing was always off. I just could not get the hang of that town.

But in Puerto Morelos, it's almost as though my Omega Ladymatic  (which I am not actually wearing) is keeping the best time of her life. I am almost always in the right place at the right time. Take tonight. I was biking around, randomly, wondering why I had never managed to happen across the Super Aki. I was planning to wend my way back across to the central area down some small streets when I happened upon a taco shop I had never seen before. With a sign boasting that it was open from 5 to 1 (closed Tuesday and Thursday?!).

It was terrific, the three guys (father and sons I'm guessing) were adorable, and it turns out the Super Aki is just down the end of the block.

Also, the tacos were enormous and they grilled up some pineapple for me to put on my tacos al pastor (I would have otherwise skipped them this trip, much as I adore them, because frankly, the pineapple is non-negotiable.)

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