Tacos de lechon al horno

I started the day with nothing-to-write-home-about tamales colados from some street joint in the centro (across from the church).

I spent the rest of the morning cheering for triathletes biking and running up the Paseo Montejo (who have inspired me, if not to compete in a triathalon, to at least go for a run up the Paseo tomorrow morning). Afterwards, I visisted some strange neighbourhoods and stranger grocery stores, and wound up back at the Santa Ana market for lunch.

It was hard to choose, but I chose right.

The tacos de lechon al horno are corn tortillas wrapped around juicy roasted pork, topped with onions and tomatoes (yes, I am a little apprehensive but let's not think about it too much), possibly with cilantro, and definitely with a morsel of chiccharon on each one (chiccharon being deep fried pork skin).

I got mine at the Taqueria y loncheria Moncho with an agua verde (possibly a jugo verde). I tried to write down what was in it but my fingers couldn't keep up.

Highly recommended.

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