Museo del metro

I hadn't heard of this museum before we arrived but of course I had to visit.

It opened around a year ago and is not very well advertised. In fact, the address listed is just that of a random apartment building on Extramadura.

The museum itself is inside of Mixcoac metro station. Which means it will cost you 5 pesos (the cost of a metro ride) to get in.

It's tiny but adorable and there is an equally tiny but adorable gift shop run by a very charming man. (All of the employees are charming. They are also all very concerned by the fact that relatively few Mexicans are coming to visit... might have something to do with the address listing!)

One of the interesting notes was an explanation of the reason for the colorful station icons. I already knew that the design was intended partly to accommodate the illiterate part of the population, but what I didn't know was that it was also intended to accommodate foreigners who might have trouble with names like Juanacatlán, Cuauhtémoc, or even Mixcoac.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds charming! What a fortuitous find!!
Small surprises are such a pleasure.