Signs that you are camping

In an unfenced public campsite in the Serengeti. You will receive tips such as:

1. Don't leave your shoes outside of your tent. They'll be eaten by hyenas.

2. Give the kitchen a wide berth if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (to avoid hyenas).

Additionally, as you zip up your tent to turn in for the night, hyenas will start howling. Right outside your tent. And man is it eerie.

Later on they will start laughing. That is worse. (But somehow better?)

When you wake at 3:30 am and start to unzip your tent to head to the bathroom, you will hear something (Human? Animal?) all around your tent. More hyenas. Probably. (The next night you will swear they are nuzzling the walls of your tent.) (That same night you will also swear you hear a lion roar. You will not be alone in this belief.)

As it happened, my tent was all the way to the outside of the congregation of tents. It happened not to be camouflage in colour (like the other tents). We happened to see 9 lions and a leopard today. I operated on the assumption that I was not the sacrificial lamb. 

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