The best

Is when you find a great street stall guy, serving cochinita pibil, in this case, and ask (even though you are happy to eat cochinita three times a day) why there is no lechon al horno to be found in his town for love or money.

He will tell you that it's a breakfast food. And you will ask where to find a good one. And he will explain, just down the street, thataway, and look at you, considering. And then he will say, well actually, a really great one is two blocks north and three blocks east of here.

And you will write it down and go looking for it in the morning, even though you are pressed for time because you want to catch the 8 o'clock bus to Tizimin so you can catch the 10 o'clock bus to Chiquila so you can, if you're lucky (which it turns out you are) catch the 12 o'clock ferry to Isla Holbox instead of waiting for the 2 o'clock. But it's been days since you've had lechon so you go and and you get to the corner and it's not there.

(That is not the best.)

But en route, you see a number of stands that seem interesting enough, so you head back to your hotel, but not retracing your steps, of course. Just in case.

And damned, if half a block down you don't find it.

And damned if it isn't great.

That is the best.

(Calle 37, halfway between Calle 36 and Calle 38.)

(The excellent street cochinta is an afternoon guy at Calle 41 and 44, southwest corner, possibly the Tigrillo.)

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