Next time

You're taking a cab from Holbox to the airport (the right decision), may I strongly recommend that you ask your driver to stop at one of the stands that line certain portions of the road to eat beforw you descend into Cancun. You could offer to buy him lunch. There are lots of places with homemade tortillas, but if you consider tortas to be easier to deal wtih, transportation wise, I'm sure you can find those too.

The food at the Cancun airport is abysmal. Like, if not the worst, among the worst I have yet to experience. There's Dominos and Bubba Gump and TGI Friday's and the like. There is one "Mexican" place that I avoided (no way in hell was I going to override three amazing cochinita pibil tacos with some god-awful food court "Mexican.")

Instead, I went with the Wolfgang Puck Margherita pizza. I consider that to have been the lesser of any number of evils.

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