Corners and intel

I met an artist in the park this morning who sells paintings of the corners I've been so obsessed with.

Sadly, it seems that while there were originally some 700 corners, only 4 to 500 remain. So I'm disappointed both that I won't see them all (time constraints) and that I can't see them all (a different kind of time constraint).

That said, I have arranged for an exciting treat for myself. Details to come. If they come.

Anyway, so far today, there have been:

La Tortuga (the tortoise) 64/57
La Tucha (the monkey, sort of) 667/57

My new artist buddy also filled me in a bit more on the story behind the images. Turns out, the corners always had names, since basically forever. Nobody used street numbers. But it wasn't until much later that the actual pictures went up.

Their slow disappearance is considered by some (read: me) a minor tragedy.

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