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I have settled myself into the iPad zone in the always strange but somehow compelling Terminal 3. I am writing on my yes-its-nerdy-but -you-know-you-want-one folding keyboard.

I am en route to Cancun (well, only incidentally), where I may (or may not) have a room at a hotel called the Dogtown Suites (or possibly the Hotel Santa Maria), where they  may (or may not) have a 24-hour (or 20-hour) front desk.

I may have a reservation, or there might be a note that says, "Krista - arriving very late." Said note is, I have been assured, every bit as good as the reservation I made. Or possibly didn't quite make.

I have also made a last-minute decision to reserve a private car to drive me into town. The owner of the company had not heard of either of my hotels. He also seemed disinclined to write my whole name on the sign (which I kind of like). Instead, we agreed on my first name and a smiley face.

Mexico, you know I love you.


Mary Ann Darin said...

So glad you had a room! (still have?) That fine keyboard doesn't look that nerdy!
And, I bet your hands are thanking you. Party on!
Oh, by the way, first golfer siting in four (4!) days. Seems the rain may have stopped.

Anonymous said...

You found yourself some dancing music...it was only a matter of time.

Those street signs are pure art. Love them.