El Cardenal

I may have mentioned that I was unsure that I had made the right choice regarding my hotel, at least insofar as location goes. I had suspected, from afar, that I belonged in Santiago, but couldn't find the kind of hotel I wanted in that neighbourhood.

Writing this from El Cardenal (yes, it is located exactly where you think it is, if you read my previous blog post), I can confirm that yes, I belong in Santiago.

That said, my hotel is much closer to my school (good for mornings), near the Paseo Montejo (good for jogging), and Merida is small enough that this is still only a 20 or so minute walk away.

I am glad to have discovered it, because it turns out I no time for the hipster bar near my house (and have not exactly been welcomed in to the cantinas I have poked my head into).

I'm still without a reliable local cafe, though, so wish me luck.

(That's my first Michelada. I thought it had clamato juice in it, but it was still delicious. Those are my botanas. Think tapas. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.)

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