The proverbial rock and hard place

So I accidentally bought a train ticket to KL for Chinese New Year, even though I had had every intention of staying in Penang. This turns out not to have been such a very bad thing, because between the empty streets and relatively cool temperatures, I am quite taken with the town, though I probably would have felt differently under different curcumstances.


I have encountered some planning difficulties. The east coast of Malaysia has been devastated by flooding (which I was vaguely aware of before I got here, but the extent of which has become clearer since I've been here). Trouble is, reports are conflicting. I was really looking forward to taking the jungle train, maybe even the local(!), but given the situation, I hve been rethinking my "plans." (And having reconsidered, will be told things are fine. Hence the rock and the other rock.)

So, all things considered, I am back to contemplating, quite seriously, a sub-equatorial jaunt.

Will keep you posted.

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