Pan mee. Pan mee. Pan mee.

I just read about a pan mee place here in KL and decided it would make a perfect mid-afternoon snack. So I hopped off the Komuter a couple of stops early and made my way over to the shop, which somehow suggested it was closing. 

I forged ahead, undeterred.

The lovely owner started by shooing me away, but when I looked pitiful (and I did), he asked me how many, and he took pity on this poor Canadian (possibly because he is fascinated by grizzly bears).

His pan mee is genius. The noodles are freshly made, the poached egg incomparable, the anchovies generous, and the pork rich and creamy.


This is the charming owner behind the counter:

This is he noodle machine:

This is the work of art as it arrives at your table (after you have dosed it with sambal):

The restaurant is:
Kin Kin
Located at 40 Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman
In the Chow Kit neighbourhood, near metro Bank Negara

According to a sign on the wall, they appear to be open from 7:30 am to 6:45 pm, but I cannot confirm, as I forgot to ask.

  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that (well after I had fallen in love with his pan mee, but also after he had remained open just to feed me), he told me to linger as long as I wanted because they had to do a big clean, and then offered me a mandarin orange for good luck and prosperity.

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Anonymous said...

People are amazing - almost all of them in a good way!
Continue having a good trip!