Riffing on a theme

(With an admittedly Euro-centric bias.)

Some 20-odd years ago, I shared a moment with my sister, during which we both expressed our incredulity that people in Paris just go about their daily lives living in, you know, Paris. Like it ain't no thing.

I have been feeling a similar sentiment here, except not about Rome specifically, but about Italians, generally. Every time I overhear a snippet of conversation, or someone asks me a question, or what have you, I am startled to realize that everybody is just hanging out, being Italian. 

I quite like it. (Both the Italian part and the startled part.)


Barbero Garbey Garbey said...

they're all there, just speaking, eating, and being italian.

Monica Shaffer said...

It must be fantastic just being in the midst of all things Italian going on around you.