Italian lessons

Or, the cookbook that was written for me:

I actually did spend the past week taking an Italian class, which was excellent, but I think this book will help me advance to the next level.

(My translation: The people's leftovers*: the art of reusing everything that's left over in the kitchen.)

* I suspect (but only suspect, because my Italian isn't good enough yet) that this is acutally a play on words meaning "Power to the people" or "The people's progress" or something, because while the noun means leftovers, the verb has a number of meanings, one of which is "move forward." And since the articulated preposition is missing, it looks more like it's being conjugated in the third person singular imperative here. And oh, right. I think the author grew up on a commune. I'll let you know what ht title really means quando avanzo al livello successivo.)

Edit: I have it on very good authority that the title is in fact a play on words. It would seem that "Avanti popolo!" (ahead, people!) was a famous first line from a socialist anthem of the early 20th century.


Anonymous said...

Starting with ".. since the articulated preposition........" to almost the end, I have no idea what you said but you sound happy - you go, girl!

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