Has saved me twice.

The first day I arrived, after the mix-up with the butcher, a bespectacled older man carrying a small dog opened both downstairs doors and helped me find the buzzer.

The other night, after struggling with the monster door for a full ten minutes (the key turned the deadbolts, but not the latch bolt) I was about to give up hope. Then Gilberto appeared with his little dog, I explained my problems, and he disappeared to deposit the dog in his apartment, reappearing with some WD-40. The lock had finally given way by the time he returned, but he oiled everything up nicely for me.

It's nice to have a guardian angel in the building.


Anonymous said...

I think this takes you out of the "tourist" category and puts you In the "resident" ( no matter how temporary) category.
Nice to have good neighbours.

Anonymous said...

As I do on many topics, I agree with your mom.

And I love Gilberto.

And you.


Monica Shaffer said...

I find myself wishing I'd booked a visit to you in Roma at your temporary residence where Gilberto keeps watch.